Augmenting A New Temporal Layer

Space exists with time. The site is located at Sejong-daero with the area size of 1,088 m2. It is a place where the meaning has accumulated through the interweaving of space, time, and public events. This design competition attempts to augment a new temporal layer of time. The layer of time in the space will intersect with the ground's open space and underground's contemporary space, and they will coexist in a different topographical demarcation. Thus, the shaped space in Saejong-daero will shine among citizens' mind and life.

On the ground,
This site has been the heart of Seoul from the Joseon dynasty, via the Korean Empire to the modern and contemporary period, holding variety of meaningful political events such as 4.19 Revolution, June Democratic Uprising, and 2002 World Cup cheering and so on. In connection with the surrounding heritages such as Seoul Metropolitan Council, Seoul Anglican Cathedral, Deoksugung Palace, and Seoul City Hall, the ground plane needs to incorporate an open space.

On the underground,
The underground space is open to the designer's suggestion. It is a contemporary space that provides an emergent program that invites citizens to participate at the historic and cultural events. Fixed or open programs, changing programs, and an undetermined, but yet public programs, could be suggested. These programs are based on a long-term connection plan between Sejong-daero underground space and other surrounding underground networks.

A new temporal layer of time,
Both ground's open space and underground's historic cultural space will resume the historical spirit that had once existed on the site, and the site itself will add a new temporal layer of time and space that can make people feel the value of future citizen that overcomes the status quo viewpoints of our city and country.

Design Competition Professional Advisor and a Seoul Public Architect, Wee Jinbok